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Introduction February 14, 2010

Posted by physicsdm in Miscellaneous.

*insert cool image here*

I’d like to be cool like bjw and have a cool image to start the post but I haven’t figured out enough about this site to know how to do that yet.

Computer ignorance aside, I feel it’s only appropriate to have a simple introduction of who I am and what I’ll be contributing to the blog.  Long story short, I’ve always thought blogging was stupid, but ever since I finished school and no longer have people forcing me to write things I don’t want to, I’ve had a steadily growing desire to write and have found it more and more stress relieving.  Thus, I am here.

The basics: I watch anime…lots of it…however I do not watch it indiscriminately.  Don’t expect to ever catch me watching Kodomo no Jikan or chu-bra.  Outside of bjw (whose anime habits are known by no living man) I’m fairly sure I have seen the most anime out of any of the authors here.  I have a meager manga collection, but it is growing and I actually paid for all of it. 

As far as my contribution to this blog goes, I expect a decent majority of my posts to be either reviews, examinations, or rants about anime or some aspect of it.  However, that’s not to say I won’t someday feel the need to make some kind of emotastic post about cruel life or some kind of metaphysical tangent (being a physicist and all).  Theoretically speaking, I also have the highest chance of making a post considering that nagging urge I’ve had lately to write and my copious amount of time from being a NEET (though it should be noted i fail at being a NEET considering my active attempts to attend grad school/get a job).

With that, I hope we here at wideface can provide whoever you strange people are that may be reading this for some unknown reason with a little enterntainment, or at the very least some food for thought.  We aim to ramble (pleasing is optional).

P.S. god I hate capitalization, punctuation, and proper grammar. 


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