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( ‘ ‘) February 20, 2010

Posted by navycherub in Miscellaneous.
My waifu.

It's just how I roll.

Welcome, random person on the internet, to my first post of this wonderful blog we like to call Wideface. Here at Wideface I plan on blogging about the largely unimportant and unnecessary world of anime and manga. I myself have a very large collection of manga that I store in my room and keep hidden from the real world, because my power level is something to be flaunted only on something like this, right? Right. I like collecting manga, I’ve invested much money into it. I also like buying box sets of random anime, but for some reason I dislike dropping that much money on one object; I do know in my rational mind that buying a full series of manga is generally cheaper than buying a full series of anime, but such is the mysterious complexity of life. Hmm…I suppose I don’t really have much else to say here, so I’ll end it. See you!



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