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Power Rank – Summer Update August 11, 2010

Posted by bjw in Anime, Power Rank.

Just a quick note on the PR, nothing more.

  • aggrogahu (aka aggrogahu|) is whipping up a new design for the PR. While I’m sure we all love my MSWord template, that bare bones table was just a stepping stone to give the PR a presentable format. I was hoping I’d have a new design by May, but alas, I have no skill when it comes to graphics editing and whatnot.
  • Like I said in May’s PR, I won’t be doing the PR for June nor any of the summer months. This is why there’s a series of mysterious blank columns in June’s PR. (I would have preferred for that column to have been deleted entirely since it wastes space, but whatever; daevlol did his best trying to create the image. Without him, June’s PR probably wouldn’t have surfaced anytime soon because navy is navy.) However, instead of just auriscope and navy handling the summer months, we also have daevlol joining the mix. That’s right, 3 opinions instead of 2.
  • Our schedule is slowly converging back to the pace we had for the very first month. My original dream of having PRs posted within the first week of each month might be possible within a year or two if we keep this trend going!
  • Apparently, the PRs for this summer season will judge, in total, 18 ongoing series’. Haha, those guys have no lives, etc.


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