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Anime Review: Heroman September 26, 2010

Posted by flipsiedoodles in Anime, Review.

Ever wanted to live in Los Angeles? Is it your dream to pour coffee at a diner for famous celebrities like Stan Lee?  Wait, you say want a giant mute robot and random super powers, so that together you can annihilate opposing alien invaders? Wow you dream big. Well all this and more can be yours simply by watching Heroman! Yes, it can all be yours for the low low price of 26 episodes!

In Heroman, we follow Joey Jones, a young American teen, having all the usual teen problems: Bullies, Sexy female friends, and Working at diners.  While at work , Joey sees a commercial for the HEYBO robotic toy, but being the broke teenager he is, can’t afford it on his salary. Flash ahead a little further, and a gang of privileged youth, who always pester Joey, happened to have such a HEYBO. They then proceed to break it and throw it away;  Joey picks it up, fixes it in super montage time, and voila! Well, where do the powers come in? Patience my dear. Well, while all this is happening, Joey’s quack science teacher manages to get a transmission out to space, leading to an alien invasion! Well, all that space travel tends to cause lightning… and that means that lightning has to hit a young boy’s recently repaired toy robot, the blast causing Joey to get powers by proxy. And there you have it; Heroman is born.

Heroman is the brainchild of Stan Lee and Bones studio. It’s only natural the show takes a lot of its cues from comic books, i.e. the achievement of superpowers via some extravagant means; In Heroman’s case a bolt of cosmic lightning. Heroman can be categorized as an action anime. In reality, it’s really more like a magical girl anime, but with an effeminate male lead. The character line-up is pretty standard including- Joey; the timid male lead, Psy; the cool and collected best friend, Lina; the hot, kind of pushy cheerleader, Will; the bulky football player, that happens to hate Joey, and be Lina’s big brother at the same time; and Professor Denton, the eccentric science teacher.

The story is what you would expect from an action anime. A giant robot and a kid with powers fight against insect-like aliens who have come to destroy the planet. While we expect this sort of storyline from an action anime, there is little to no effort to try and spice it up. Occasionally, you might catch an interaction between Joey and Heroman thats awkward at best. He can’t talk Joey. Just thought I’d let you know. If you have seen any decent action anime, you can probably guess what is going to happen next. The staleness continues into most of the battles and action scenes, which aren’t anything special either. Aside from the Super American robot fighting for America, there isn’t much in the way of originality. Although I personally did enjoy the American-ness of it. I did learn a lot about America that I didn’t know before. Like people in L.A. can wear whatever they want, no matter what weather, and that nobody ever tells the president anything about anything.

Overall though, Heroman isn’t the worst thing to watch. The action is a little interesting, and I am a proponent of electricity-based super powers.  The fact that the characters follow the standard path is almost relaxing. Also, being able to see Stan Lee randomly in an episode is amusing, and watching how the Japanese portray America is a pretty good draw in. If you’re looking for an action anime to kill time in between anime seasons, and have a good sense of humor, pick this one up.

Rating: 3/5


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