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Auctions November 29, 2010

Posted by aggrogahu| in Figures, Manga, Video Games.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time looking online for new figures to add to my collection, but this has proven to be no small task due to multiple factors. Since I just recently got into collecting figures, a lot of the ones I want (figures from my all-time favorite anime series) have long since been discontinued; they’re either nowhere to be found or on ebay at 100x their retail price. Of course being a college student doing his best (or at least trying) to cut down his spending, this is out of the question. Even if I was obnoxiously rich, I’d be damned if I even considered spending $500+ for a figure.

I’ve been browsing Mandarake a lot lately. Not only do they have used/unused figures that were released a while ago, but they also have decent prices as well. Even so, the really obscure/rare figures only show up once in a blue moon, and those sell pretty fast. Ultimately, I decided that Mandarake wasn’t going to be the place where I’d find what I wanted, though I’ll continue browsing in search of good deals on figures that aren’t exactly on my wish-list but are good enough to where I would not regret having them in my collection.

This brings us to my discovery of Yahoo! Japan Auction. Since the site is in Japanese, and most sellers don’t ship internationally, I have to rely on proxy services to bid for me, receive the figure(s) locally, and then ship to me. Depending on the service, they charge commission and may or may not require deposits before bidding; however, altogether, the end price is still significantly less than those asshole ebay sellers. You just have to go through a little more steps in the purchasing process. I’m experimenting with different services—depending on what kind of order I’m looking at.

Speaking of which, let’s take a look at what I’m looking for:


白雪 みぞれ

I’ve pretty much wanted this figure since even before I began collecting. She’s made by Shueisha, and while they don’t have the best quality products, and I hate them for releasing such a limited stock, this is the only legit scale figure of Mizore. There’s also a Moka (Omote) figure by Shueisha as well, which I’m looking for, but is in the same boat as Mizore in terms of rarity and quality.

Anyways, I found her on YJA a couple of weeks ago, which was what prompted me to learn how to auction on Japanese sites in the first place. After a while, my proxy was the highest bid with 3 hours left in the auction. It was already late at night here in PCT, and my maximum automatic bid was set at a pretty high margin so I went to bed with confidence that she’d be mine, only to wake up the next morning with an e-mail from my proxy saying that I didn’t win the auction.


As of now, there’s another Mizore figure up for auction, with a little under two days left. I’ve been watching it diligently; no bids yet, and the starting bid is 3000円, so I’m hoping this time I’ll be able to secure her.

Next up:


竜宮 レナ + 園崎 魅音

Figures from Higurashi are kinda weird. There aren’t a lot of quality ones out there that I’d want; the only really detailed ones being the girls in swimsuits and the Angel Mort waitress outfit. These figures that I’m looking at are actually trading figures, but from the pics I’ve seen, they look quite decent. The poses are also unique as well.

The initial auction for them ended already (because the proxy I used for this one is slow as balls), but they were re-listed, which is good since it’s a sign that no one else is really interested in them.

In other auction-related stories:

  • I bid on a Bakemonogatari Nendroid Petit Set 2 on ebay. I was the opening bid for $0.99 and held it for a while, but I was traveling for Thanksgiving when the auction was going to end, so I pretty much gave up on that.
  • The extra copy of the Rock Band 3 disc for XBOX 360 that I was auctioning off on ebay sold for $46.50. I’m quite happy that I was able to get rid of it; the sell and trade game store wanted to give me $25 for it, and my first posting on craigslist didn’t attract any attention.
  • The complete season of the Rosario+Vampire manga is up for auction on ebay so I’ll be watching that. At first I didn’t plan on getting the first season since the illustrations and the storyline in the beginning of the series weren’t all that good, but if the bids stay under a good price, I’ll try for it.


  • I won both the Higurashi and Mizore auctions. Higurashi figures went up to 900円 each and I won Mizore with 8750円; both a little higher than I would’ve liked, but whatever.
  • I won the R+V season 1 as well, also at a price higher than I would’ve liked, but it still comes out less than what I would’ve paid buying elsewhere, so I think it’s alright. I was an ass and became the highest bidder with 5 minutes left.
  • Shueisha Moka showed up on YJA, the auction is ending soon, and I wasn’t sure if I could bid with her using the fast proxy service because they have a stricter policy in regards to having a deposit before bidding. She was used and wasn’t in the best condition, and given the price and the amount of money I’m going to be spending in the next month I didn’t mind passing on her. No one has bid on her yet and she ends soon so hopefully she gets relisted (cheaper too).



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