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Power Rank – February 2011 March 8, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Power Rank.
  • This month has a couple surprises, with some shows taking leaps up in the rankings while others taking steep dives.
  • We’ve got a fancy new header for PR posts now, which will change with each new post.
  • The ranks 11+ are now included at the bottom of the post, so you can see just how much some shows plunged this month. In the future this will also help to keep track of which crap-tier show is less crappier than the other.
  • Why I stayed up so late when I first made this post is yet to be answered.
  • どうぞ!
aggrogahu| The Color Rangers arc was a tad longer than it needed to be, but this month’s episodes as a whole were much more consistently funny. How this show manages to have coherence with such drastically different arcs while still being funny is quite the feat.
bjw Level E is all about its writing. These are stories that are well-crafted, exhibit a quirky sense of humor, and are at times just downright mean. With its imaginative prowess matched only by its unpredictability, it’s hard to ignore just how much Level E gets right.
navycherub The entire Color Rangers arc was absolutely hilarious. It was all very well-crafted and paced, and there were laughs from beginning to the very end. The beginning of the next set of episodes promises something completely different as well, which shows just how diverse Level E can be.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica
aggrogahu| A large part of the entertainment this month comes from the shock value of the plot twists. Aside from that, Madoka still maintains a lasting impact because the plot twists force the girls (friends and rivals alike) to change their lives in the face of inhumanity, which makes for drastic character development. Also, om nom nom.
bjw Madoka is a series that knows exactly what it wants to do and how it can best do it. The story and its characters aren’t necessarily what makes Madoka compelling to watch, but it’s its pace and presentation that does.
navycherub Madoka was packed full of suspense and revelations, and it didn’t pull any punches. The only thing that brought it down was that it was slightly less exciting simply because there was less resolution and much more set up, but that only means good things are coming in the future.
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
aggrogahu| This show knows how to play Yuu as the mysterious emotionless girl well, in the fan-service and in the action, having her garner emotional investment and drive the plot forward. She becomes the constant that allows the rest of the show to be as random as it is.
bjw The creativity of Zombie wavered this month in favor of increasing the size of Ayumu’s harem, and while it may still retain some of its delightful charm, it doesn’t help the fact that Zombie once was?and could still be?doing better.
navycherub Everything from the action to the fanservice and even the character development was top notch this month, leaving me always begging for more Zombie fun. It’s hard not to enjoy.

A Certain Magical Index II
aggrogahu| Action involving Accelerator badassery remains to be the most entertaining part of Index. The episodes exploring the characters’ social lives were fun too, so good set of episodes on both ends of the spectrum.
bjw Antics with the characters we love and a story arc that isn’t weighed down by monotony help make this month smooth sailing for Index, and that’s great considering that the second season has almost exclusively been a bumpy ride.
navycherub Index has finally brought back all of its heavy hitters (figuratively and literally) into the spotlight, and the benefits really show; Index is at its best when it focuses on the main characters instead of the flavor of the week side characters like the nuns from this season.
Wandering Son
aggrogahu| The school festival served well in bringing together the cast and showing the relations between characters, so the social dynamics are much easier to appreciate now.
bjw Suddenly, I’m no longer bored and it’s all thanks to this vibrant cast of characters. Actually, “lifelike” probably fits better than “vibrant” ever could. The characters that make up Wandering Son aren’t a rowdy bunch of middle school students, nor are their personalities incredibly varied. Instead, what you have is a surprisingly realistic cast that finds a great balance between maturity and adolescence, and the resulting chemistry between them works wonders.
navycherub While I still feel like I’m watching the events occurring after the major plot point has occurred, it is still fairly entertaining to watch the character interaction in this show, particularly as the play and surrounding drama heats up.
aggrogahu| This show works well when it focuses on developing the main cast. The action this time around doesn’t limit itself to giant robot fights too, so Star Driver gets points for progress on top of its regular routine.
bjw A new month, a new deus ex machina. It’s a bit difficult for me to pinpoint what exactly I like about Star Driver without simply saying “it’s fun to watch,” but that’s precisely what it is. And at times, that’s all I feel it ever is. The characters are still fabulous and the plot remains lackluster, but Star Driver is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
navycherub A bit late to the game, but Star Driver has finally started pulling back the curtains on the some of the biggest figures in the show, leading to developments no one would expect from a show like this. Add that to the always fun Cybody fights and Star Driver has a successful month.
aggrogahu| This month fares much better in terms of varying up the comedy. New settings and new characters prove that this show has more to offer than cheap gags.
bjw Compared to its mediocre performance last month, Beelzebub has shaped up nicely. With both the main characters and premise already set up (and perhaps most importantly, the crying joke quota being fulfilled), Beelzebub was able to spend its time in February building secondary characters while having fun along the way–and a lot of fun it was.
navycherub Beelzebub was still as funny as ever this month, especially as it focused a bit less on the shocking bay running gag and more on the kind of things one has to deal with when raising a future Demon King. It is also finally heading into what feels like a specific direction, which helps with coherence.
aggrogahu| The episodes are starting to get formulaic and repetitive, but I still look forward to seeing the main duo overcome each obstacle in their own way.
bjw Bakuman isn’t anything special, but it’s consistently good; and while you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, what does it matter if those old tricks are just as entertaining as they were before.
navycherub As Ashirogi Muto finally put together what seems to be their first success of a manga and the side characters become more and more prevalent, Bakuman becomes more and more exciting.
Kimi ni Todoke 2
aggrogahu| Although the main romance remains at a frustrating stand-still, the supporting cast helps to pass the time.
bjw If high school were anything like this, I would have killed myself.
navycherub Lots and lots of buildup, but there’s not much new there. Kimi ni Todoke is going in the direction everyone knows it had to at some point, and while it is going a bit slower than most may want, it knows how to keep the tension strong.
Yumekui Merry
aggrogahu| The drawn-out drama threw off the pacing this month. The title character went from having a strong self-driven personality to becoming lost and depressed, which didn’t feel justified.
bjw Merry‘s pacing suffered a bit this month, but its well-rounded cast and writing kept it from being a complete disaster. Although it’s far from the ambitious project that I was originally hoping for, Merry still packs a nice punch.
navycherub The fights are still as good as ever and the plot is thickening, but it seems to be counterbalanced by more fluff. This was most prevalent in the beach episode, where just about nothing got done that couldn’t have been over and finished with without using an entire episode. Still, it is consistently fun to watch.
Wolverine 15(↑4) 11 15 13 5
GOSICK 6(↓6) 6 10 10 13
IS: Infinite Stratos 14(↑1) 13 13 11 11
Fractale 2(↓12) 2 11 12 14
Onii-chan 17(↑2) 15 16 15 15
Dragon Crisis 13(↓3) 16 14 16 17
Freezing 16(↓1) 17 17 17 16


1. anon - March 13, 2011

man, you guys sure have shit taste

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