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Movie review happy fun times: Mind Game March 9, 2011

Posted by physicsdm in Anime, Movies, Review.

Hey there folks, long time no see.  I could’ve had a baby with someone since my last post (don’t worry ladies, I didn’t).  Seeing as I’m a bit too busy to be able to commit to PR (which, incidentally, warrants a follow up to Year of the NEET, but that’s another story), I’ve been somewhat lacking in subject matter.  However, after watching the movie Mind Game the other night I decided it’s time to contribute again by letting everyone out there know what kind of a watch it was.

Of course, a good place to start is a brief plot summary, minus spoilers.  Starts off pretty average and uneventful, just two old friends meeting up and heading to the main ladie’s, Myon, family yakitori shop.  After your friendly neighborhood yakuza make an appearance, things get interesting.  Due to a well aimed unfortunately aimed projectile, our main guy Nishi has to make an important decision.  With a triumphant return, he grabs his favorite pair of sisters, Myon and Yan, and makes a run for it.  After some nifty chasing, the group takes a page out of pinocchio putting them in the company of an ever so slightly eccentric old man.  The story pans out from there until the inevitable mad rush of an ending.  Overall it’s quite an intriguing story.

If you watch anime solely for the super duper Blu-ray quality sparkliness or moe~ moe~ kawaii blobs of moe then you’ll want to stay away from this movie.  For lack of a better word, the animation for the movie is rough, and thank god for that.  Fans of Trapeze will recognize the technique of putting real faces into the animation for a bit more of a human feel to it, though it’s nowhere near as prevalent in this case.  Stylistically speaking I was quite pleased.



The soundtrack for this movie is excellent.  Mood music is perfect through and through.  Blazing drums during mad scrambles.  Lofty tones during down periods.  Perfect.  Add to it some excellent background tunes to fill in some empty space and you’ve got yourself the formula for a pleasant aural experience.  There’s even a few classical pieces that everyone can recognize and appreciate their….unique use.  Thumbs up.

Some people make think this is listed under the “mind fuck” category of movies, but in reality it really isn’t.  It’s no different than any other fictional storyline and you’ll find yourself hard pressesd to get lost.  Barring a few scenes that appear as if they were taken straight out of Looney Tunes sans Bugs Bunny actually being present playing the piano, it’s all pretty straightforward and lighthearted.

I’ll let you figure this one out yourself

Instead of trying to assign this movie some numerical value describing how good it is, I think I’ll go with something more subjective.  There are few things I was displeased with about this movie, so few in fact that I can’t even think of them off the top of my head. Final score:

Great watch.

P.S. Ok, I will admit, the part at the very end had me lost, but it comes after-the-fact so I don’t hold it against the movie.


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