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The Long Lost Kumoricon 2010 Report July 13, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Conventions.

After attending Anime Expo, I started reminiscing about my past conventions, and then stumbled upon my Kumoricon 2010 Confidential post that I never ended up finishing. I still wasn’t in the mood to be productive today, so I threw together whatever top secret scoop I remembered about Kumoricon and put it into that post, and I searched my computer and found the draft and decided to dump it there as well (unedited and no pictures) for a bonus.

So now that password protected post is actually protecting something (it’s not goatse). What is the password exactly?

The password for that post is the abbreviation of the series/project I’m writing, followed by: the thread number of the current scorehero anime thread, minus the last five digits of the filename of bjw’s money-shot Mugi, converted to base Cirno.

Some hints:

  • The abbreviation is all caps.
  • The abbreviation is very similar to the abbreviation for 味精.
  • Do the math first, and then convert the answer to base Cirno.
  • Given wideface’s current color scheme, when you try typing in the  password, it looks like nothing is going in, but it’s just that the color of the password dots match the text field’s color.
  • If you ask nicely, I’ll probably just give you the password anyways, but it’s more fun to try and construct the password.


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