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Power Rank – July 2011 August 17, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Anime, Power Rank.
  • Power Rank is back for the summer, this time with aggrogahu|, flipsiedoodles (new to PR), and navycherub on the panel.
  • Late release is late, but hopefully aggro everyone will be caught up with all of the episodes by the end of this month for the next PR.
  • どうぞ!

aggrogahu| The story continues to take form, and though the suspenseful plot has me hooked, at the same time I feel the show could be more clever. Also, events end up ‘undone’ in various ways, which makes me feel that whatever takes place could be pointless, for lack of a better word..
flipsiedoodles This month had great comedy and even better plot twists.
navycherub This month has been the heaviest plot-wise for Steins;Gate, and with some powerful scenes and intense episodes it really paid off. Steins;Gate is quickly building to its climax and it’s hard to not love it.
Usagi Drop
aggrogahu| Despite the slow exposition, the realistic setting and daily situations make this show refreshing among the other shows of this season with convoluted premises. The art style is also a nice touch, adding to the show’s air of innocence.
flipsiedoodles This show has made me feel all warm and fuzzy almost every week, everything that’s been shown so far has me dreading any dramatic plot development.
navycherub Usagi Drop is adorable, and it goes at its own unique pace without losing its true appeal: the simplicity of life. There’s not a lot going on in this show, but what it does do it does in a very charming way.
aggrogahu| Quality Kyoto Animation production continues to deliver the gags in hilarious fashion. Additionally, more of the cast joined together as main and side characters made new acquaintances with each other, adding to a sense of growth and development that endears the characters, keeping the show fresh.
flipsiedoodles Loving the new characters, and the jokes haven’t lost any steam for me yet.
navycherub Nichijou never, ever seems to lose its stride, and this month was definitely not an exception. It is always hilarious and time seems to pass incredibly quickly as soon as the episode starts; I always look forward to every new episode.

Mawaru Penguindrum
aggrogahu| The premise is quite random, and still relatively unclear at this point of the story, but I find this show easy to enjoy because of the penguin shenanigans and overall solid comedy.
flipsiedoodles Honestly, I still have no idea what is going to happen in this show, but as long as I keep getting welcomed to rock and roll night, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.
navycherub Among the Summer newcomers, Penguindrum is the one with the most potential in the long-run, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t done anything yet. It has some of the most interesting character interaction and visual styles in a good while and builds upon itself in a structured way without losing the light humorous atmosphere.
aggrogahu| As much as I enjoy this show, the characters were just too emo in this set of episodes.
flipsiedoodles Interesting mechanic introduced this time around, as well as some good insight into the main characters. Mostly a setup of the episodes to come, but still good as far as I’m concerned.
navycherub Tiger & Bunny’s second cour proves that Sunrise doesn’t plan on scooting away from the intensity of the Jake arc any time soon. There have been sad moments and plenty of moments of intensity, further proving that Tiger & Bunny is much more than what it seems on the surface.
aggrogahu| In the midst of episodic day-to-day struggles, the plot progresses in a big way and the action doesn’t let up.
flipsiedoodles Been liking the action here, which is what you obviously want from shounen sword fights, right? Besides that, I like the new character and the slight development of the others.
navycherub After a few months of scattered action among episodic filler, Blue Exorcist has definitely picked up the pace with some great developments and awesome fight scenes, picking up interest very quickly. This is added onto the already fluid and beautiful animation to make for a high-quality month of shounen action.
Yuru Yuri
aggrogahu| Though surprisingly amusing to start, this show started to overuse a few of its running gags already.
flipsiedoodles Yuri. Yeah, the title was right. The jokes here are good, and for once I’m not muting my sound because of the voice cast. Not as hilarious as some of the other shows, but it’s got a good flow and the characters are good enough for me not to rage.
navycherub Yuru Yuri is strange in that it has all the components of a usual slice of life filled with girls, except it is actually very uniquely funny. Maybe not unique as a whole, but it has a definite sense of self-awareness that keep it down to earth and quite entertaining.

Kamisama no Memochou
aggrogahu| I like the premise, and I’m liking Alice’s character design too, but I have a hard time caring about anyone else in the show. No one has really shown depth to their character beyond their archetype, at least not convincingly.
flipsiedoodles Probably 2nd only to Higashi no Eden in terms of NEETS working and still being NEETS. The formula for this show has been seen a few times, but with the characters they have, I think it works better than some other shows.
navycherub Among the recent influx of loll detective shows, Kamisama no Memochou stands out for having the most real feeling situations and a very hands-on protagonist. It still has the sweets-loving young genius girl pulling strings, but at the very least it keeps up the atmosphere most of the time by having her not directly involved with the more intense scenes; the random fanservice still deters it from being something great, though.
Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni!
aggrogahu| Season 2 starts off with obligatory beach and festival episodes, but the other episodes show a return to the setting where I think this show can be successful.
flipsiedoodles I’ve been waiting for this show forever, and it’s as funny as I remember. However, the episodes so far haven’t really gotten me into a very BakaTest mood. Whatever that means.
navycherub Picking up with absolutely no slack from where the first season left off, BakaTest pulls no punches and is still hilarious. It seems to be suffering less than its predecessor from too many repetitive jokes, but it still has a slight problem in that area. Despite that, I still can’t help but find it very fun.
Dantalian no Shoka
aggrogahu| Each case the main duo takes on is either hit or miss. The hits are creative, exploring new fantastic mechanics dealing with the powers of the Phantom Books, while the misses just fall flat.
flipsiedoodles Weird mechanic in this show that really put me off in the beginning. Aside from Dalian, you don’t really get a feeling for the character, and considering that there’s only two of them, you’d think it would happen sooner.
navycherub Dantalian no Shoka is interesting. It has a great, unique atmosphere, interesting lore, and a very mature male lead in Huey. On the other hand, that dark mysterious environment is almost instantly ruined every time the female lead Dalian opens her mouth; her immaturity causes a mood whiplash that makes the show feel awkward at times.
No. 6 11 10 12 12
Ikoku Meiro 12 9 14 11
iDOLM@STER 13 15 10 13
Uta no Prince 14 16 13 14
Mayo Chiki 15 18 11 15
Sacred Seven 16 13 17 17
Blade 17 14 18 18
Twin Angel 18 19 16 16
Kuro Usagi 19 17 19 19


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