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Power Rank – November 2011 November 15, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Power Rank.
  • Welcome back. With Fall 2011 anime in full swing it’s time for another Power Rank. I know it’s already two weeks into November, but better late than never to start discerning what’s worth watching this season.
  • As she mentioned before, this season is spock1013’s first time taking part in PR, so don’t forget to give her a warm welcome as well.
  • どうぞ!

flipsiedoodles By far the best anime adaptation for a video game, at least that I have seen. And far as I can tell, they copy/pasta’d the storyline and animated it. Everything from the OP/ED and BGM to the way the characters react to situations is all true to the game.
navycherub In terms of its worth simply as an adaptation, Persona 4 is near perfect; it is only better when you consider how engrossing it is even despite its minor flaws in production.
spock1013 I played the game and so far the show adaptation has not disappointed. The battles are incorporated well, the character interactions are great, and the recaps presented in the Velvet Room are a great way of bringing the game to life. I can’t wait to see more from this show especially as the cast grows.

Mawaru Penguindrum
flipsiedoodles Penguin continues to be a consistently great show, even now in the second half of its life; however it was still just a lot of the same for me personally. I can’t say there is much for me to be excited or surprised by lately.
navycherub This was a big month for questions and backstories for Penguindrum, which is great, and the unique humor was turned up a notch at times, but it is getting a little tiring having so many questions from even the beginning of the series left untouched.
spock1013 This show held a lot of surprises for me from the start. It always delivers the story in a way that keeps me guessing and wishing the next episode wasn’t a week away. Character development has been solid throughout the series, and this month’s episodes are no exceptions. I especially have loved Ringo’s growth.

flipsiedoodles BokuTomo is another one of those shows where the main characters do random things based vaguely on a plot point. This however is not necessarily a bad thing; the characters are entertaining, and the humor/jokes are definitely funny and relevant to its viewers.
navycherub As an easy to watch comedy, this show excels, especially with its very strong cast of slightly altered archetypes. However, its reliance on ‘otaku humor’ might be off-putting for some.
spock1013 When I watched the first episode I was not very impressed with the show. After seeing more from it though I have grown to actually like it quite a bit. The use of gaming, especially when they showed the characters in a game, add a zany bit of relatable fun. I really hope the new characters that were introduced will add some variety.
flipsiedoodles Ben-To is definitely my favorite anime this season so far. It falls into a lot of my anime vices, namely the shounen, kick hard–punch harder, theme. The action is well animated, and the mechanic of the show is one of the most entertaining themes I’ve dealt with in a while. I find myself laughing at the obvious jokes as well as all the sarcasm and subtle references constantly.
navycherub Ben-To is easily the biggest surprise of the season – it is full of serious yet self-aware silliness topped off by impressive action sequences and a very unique OST.
spock1013 I really like the concept to this show. Battling over half-priced food? I know I’d go for it. The fight scenes have been well done, but the characters haven’t really given me anything to keep me interested in them specifically.

Mirai Nikki
flipsiedoodles This show is what I considered to be one of the staple shows for this season. After all, it’s based off a popular manga and is well animated. This show is dark, it’s messy, and it’s exciting. Even now given that I know the plot, I don’t know what to expect.
navycherub Mirai Nikki is fun to watch and definitely well-paced, but its strongest point – its side characters filling up the large cast – are too often thrown away with little to no development in favor of the fairly predictable main duo.
spock1013 I love, love, love this show. I read the manga and was very worried about if they’d pull off an adaptation or end up botching it by cutting too much out. So far they have captured it perfectly. The opening does a brilliant job of setting the mood of the show. Did I mention Yuno Gasai? Yandere~

flipsiedoodles It’s an anime about Karuta. Also, it’s a MADHOUSE anime, which is cool. Unfortunately, I wasn’t amazed by this show off the bat. I’m pretty used to this kind of combination of characters, and the animation is fine. But what really threw me was the basis of the show itself, Karuta. It doesn’t really interest me.
navycherub Chihayafuru is absolutely beautiful not only in its art but also in its execution; every scene seems to have been given ample amounts of love and care, and the characters are quite real and incredibly human.
spock1013 Knowing the show was about a card game, I went in worrying that it’d end up cheesy. Instead I was pleasantly surprised to find an interesting concept with delightful characters. The last episode of the month really left me hanging. What could’ve caused such a drastic change in Arata over the years?

Kimi to Boku
flipsiedoodles Simply put, this show is a bunch of bros doing daily stuff in the way any weird group of friends would. It treats you to a chill, comedic experience. Not a whole lot else to describe it. The characters aren’t terribly eccentric, but they are weird enough to get themselves into situations.
navycherub Kimi to Boku is another big surprise for me; yes, it might look like and at times act like a fujoshi-pandering slice of life show, but when given a chance it is actually a relaxing show with nice dialogue and polished art.
spock1013 To be completely honest, this show bores me. The attitudes of the characters seem rather annoying to me and nothing of interest has really happened. Honestly one of the only reasons I find some liking to the show is the addition of Chizuru.

flipsiedoodles Un-Go is a very interesting take on the detective genre. It’s definitely not what I expected; I would not expect any less from a noitaminA show. They have yet to really get into the origins or explanations of any of the characters, but so far I’m still enjoying them, as well as mechanics of solving the mysteries.
navycherub As a detective show it is unique this year for actually being about a detective, but Un-Go’s strongest point is actually the political undertones pushing the environment and cases forward in interesting ways.
spock1013 The way this show is going I’m very intrigued about what the over-arching connection will be. I also want to figure out what is up with Inga. Is it even human? I highly doubt it. So far this show is just able to keep me entertained with the mysteries, but I’m really hoping to see more from this show.
flipsiedoodles I feel like I’m watching this show just to watch it. However, the portrayal of the characters in each episode are enjoyable, and I do like the insight into each idol. While I’m not being amazed by this show, the recent episodes are definitely enjoyable and worth watching.
navycherub This show has gained a large amount of pure coherence now that the girls are a sort of cult hit; the actual idol-like antics combined with the already incredibly high production value makes it a very enjoyable watch.
spock1013 I really think this show should be higher on the list. The development of the characters has really come a long way. I can see the changes they are making through their experiences which really makes me care more about their success. Jupiter’s attitude towards the girls is irritating, but I have to wonder how it’ll change if they find out it’s misguided.
flipsiedoodles For those at home watching this show, don’t feel bad if you are confused. I’m still not 100% sure what’s going on, and I could care less. Thats because this show is evntertaining as hell. This show is just a lot of randomness, a lot of fun, and great action scenes with some kind plot relating to war? or something like that.
navycherub Horizon’s scope is incredibly large, so it’s understandable that it might take a little faith and maybe a bit of effort to immerse yourself in its world, but so far after taking that dip I’ve found it to be very rewarding as a result, and the plot hasn’t even really kicked into gear yet this month.
spock1013 As of currently I see no appeal in this show. The options it has to get better, in my opinion, are for them to either make the main focus of the show the over-arching plot that is affecting the shows universe or to have some changes that make Tori more likable. For now, I’ll just have to wait and see, but I don’t have high hopes for it.
HunterxHunter 11 9 10 14
Guilty Crown 12 11 15 10
Ika Musume 13 14 14 8
Maji Koi 14 10 13 15
Phi Brain 15 16 12 11
C3 16 15 16 16


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