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Figure Wishlist December 14, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Figures.

Oddly enough, if you asked me to name the top figure in existence that I absolutely must have, the list of conceivable answers would largely consist of what’s already in my collection. I’ve got every Rosario+Vampire figure I would ever want, and I even completed the Haruhi Gekisou set. With that said, it’s December, and what better time to think about things you don’t need but want to buy anyways.


Hanekawa Tsubasa

First up is the Cat form of Hanekawa Tsubasa from the supernatural harem anime Bakemonogatari (sorry for those unfamiliar with this show, this figure is already a spoiler).


  • It’s by Alter – my collection is in serious lack of figures from Alter, probably the best figure company. Though they tend towards the pricey side, guaranteed detail in their sculpts makes it worth the cost.
  • It’s Bakemonogatari – I forget when I started liking this show so much, but it’s one of my top favorites. There’s an entire shelf dedicated to this show, so she wouldn’t be lonely.
  • Pose – because she’s crawling, she’s already going to stand out among a collection of figures standing up.
  • Price and convenience – unlike the other figures that I’ll mention today, Hanekawa is the only one that I can actually find at a normal online retailer, meaning I won’t have to hunt down and buy her second-hand at a jacked–up price. Buying from a retailer also means that the anime companies get royalty, as opposed to profits going to the reseller.
  • Neko Mimi Mode – You can never have too many girls with cat ears in a collection.


  • Price – though she’d be the best price to quality-of-product ratio, she still wouldn’t be the cheapest purchase on this list.
  • It’s Bakemonogatari – that dedicated shelf is getting rather crowded actually.

Yoko Littner

Next up is Yoko Littner, the iconic and busty 14 year old sniper from the epic mech anime series Gurren Lagann. I’ve included three iterations of her, by Enterbrain, Alter, and Wave.


  • It’s Yoko – with the sheer amount of figure iterations of her, it’s almost unheard of that I don’t own a single one yet.
  • It’s Yoko – seriously, I find it hard for anyone to resist the visual appeal of her character design, whether you know Gurren Lagann or not. Ginormous rifle, flame-pattern bikini top, fluffy scarf. Then you see Alter’s version with the flowing jacket. A Yoko figure adds impact to a collection.


  • It’s Gurren Lagann – she’d be alone since I own no other figures from this series, and on the other side of that, buying her would make me look into getting more Gurren Lagann figures. Other characters with notable figure releases are Nia and Kamina, both insanely rare.
  • Price and convenience – I’d have to hunt her down. The Alter version is particularly difficult to find, though the other two pop up intermittently at somewhat decent prices.
  • Fragility – this only applies to the Enterbrain version, but apparently the rifle breaks easily, and considering that I’d have to go through a reselling service, that just means more risk of breakage.

Tsuchimiya Kagura & Isayama Yomi

Next is a duo, Tsuchimiya Kagura & Isayama Yomi, the ambiguously Yuri couple of the supernatural action/drama Ga-Rei Zero.


  • It’s Ga-Rei – one of my favorites yet there’s no representation in my collection at all. On another note, I stumbled upon this series because of a reference in the Melancholy of Haruhi-chan web episodes. Chihara Minori, the voice actor of Yuki Nagato of the Haruhi series, is also the voice of Kagura and sang the opening theme to Ga-Rei Zero.
  • Accessories – the swords are badass, and they come with chains too. The other accessories are novel as well, like cellphones and the Douglas 28 iron.


  • Price – if you didn’t get it yet, anime figures are expensive, even if they’re action figures. Standalone, these figures are elusive, they’re even harder to find and more expensive as a pair.
  • Simplicity – this is not as big of an issue, but their designs are quite simple. I do love the characters themselves, but if I’m throwing away money, I feel better when it’s towards something with more visual appeal.

Kallen Stadtfield

Lastly is Kallen Stadtfield, pilot of the Guren Mk-II Knightmare Frame and Queen of the rebellion from the mech military war anime series Code Geass.


  • It’s Code Geass – besides being one of my favorite shows, there is also a shelf somewhat dedicated to it. It only has two figures right now, Zero and C.C., and one more figure of Suzaku on the way, so Kallen would be a nice addition.
  • Pose – oddly enough, the plain standing pose of the figure on the left would help because all the other Code Geass figures take up a lot of space. The bunny-girl version works well too because she doesn’t need to be supported by a base so she is versatile in where she can be positioned.


  • Price – should be understood by now
  • Outfit – sadly there is no decent figure of her in her rebellion outfit, which is imo her best look, if only for the headband and spikey hair combo.

Picture credits – Hanekawa – Rin_Asano; Yoko – DancingQueen (Enterbrain), Tier (Alter), Hyuk (Wave); Kagura – rapido, Yomi – two_hand, Kallen – StarshipPooper

Power Rank soon.


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