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Power Rank – December 2011 December 16, 2011

Posted by aggrogahu| in Power Rank.
  • The top 10 decided they were going to play musical chairs, with one show too stubborn to leave its spot.
  • aggrogahu delays the release of PR even when he’s not one of the authors taking part.
  • メリークリスマス!

flipsiedoodles This show has seriously been my favorite so far. The jokes in this set of episodes have been funny while at the same time maintaining that Persona game feel. I don’t know if the anime has deviated from the game or not but honestly it’s too believable if it has.
navycherub Once again Persona 4 proves that you don’t need amazing production values to provide an accurate and entertaining adaptation; in particular, the directing this month was great.
spock1013 I’m so excited that we’ve started adding to the cast. And I’m glad Naoto’s finally shown up. From here on it’s only going to get better. The fights still look well done but the facial expressions don’t seem as great as they could be.
flipsiedoodles I feel like the pace has been upped since the first batch, but it’s probably just my imagination. Anyway I love the new character and I’m glad the episodes are linked together and not just stand alone episodes with mysteries being solved.
navycherub Un-Go really stepped its game up this month – introducing a couple more incredibly likable mainstays and what seems like a thread pulling the whole show together made me want so much more.
spock1013 I feel like, as close to the end as Un-Go is, it’s opened up even more questions but hasn’t answered any of the old ones I had. I’m keeping my eye on this show and hoping it leads me to a satisfying ending in the coming month.
Mawaru Penguindrum
flipsiedoodles Pengdrum lately keeps me feeling all confused in a good way. I’m still pretty sure that everything isn’t a giant metaphor for something. It’s fine if it is, though I’d prefer not to have arguments about it later.
navycherub Yes, Penguindrum finally started sorting out its intentional mess and it is certainly making me happy with the show, but is also clearly saving then best for last, leaving me both wanting more and at the same time a little disappointed in the content of the month.
spock1013 I’m on the edge of my seat with this one. As the ending nears there have been more twists and turns than every M. Night Shyamalan movie combined. It’s been one shocking revelation after another with characters turning out to be not what I expected. My only fear with this show is that after such a great journey the ending will end up disappointing.
flipsiedoodles All this confusion caused by the mechanics of the show is great. I always seem to be forcing myself to remember the basis for all the dialogues and plot points constantly, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying the battle scenes.
navycherub Horizon’s plot went off the charts this month, with twists, turns, and endlessly interesting dialogue topped off with some absolutely wonderful fights.
spock1013 I still don’t see a lot of good coming from this show. While this month’s episodes were better and actually had some character development there still seems to be a reliance on crude humor and fanservice with a lack of any actual meaning or comedy coming from the show.
flipsiedoodles Now that all the characters are established, it’s kind of a shame that the show is sticking to is stereotypical plots and such. That being said, I still enjoy the show a lot, and waiting for the shift that I’m expecting keeps me coming back.
navycherub Nothing much changed this time around, but that’s just fine when the show in question doesn’t pretend something should, and in that sense BokuTomo delivered in every way it could. I still look forward to Thursdays for my Yozora fix.
spock1013 This show grows on me more and more each episode. I find I get real laughs from some of the antics that happen and can relate to the characters. I do feel as if either Yozura is being extra harsh in these episodes or Sena is being whinier. If this was dialed down just a tad I would enjoy the show more~
Mirai Nikki
flipsiedoodles For some reason I keep thinking this show is going to be less brutal. They keep catching me in a pace where I clearly know what is going to happen, but want to believe otherwise.
navycherub It’s not that Mirai Nikki isn’t entertaining – the problem I have is that it has so many cool characters and interesting concepts but it disposes with them too quickly for me to feel like the show is living up to its potential.
spock1013 This show never fails to deliver. Great action, great characters, great story, great adaptation, great everything! Yuno kicks all sorts of ass and I love it. Did I mention my love for yandere~ yet?
flipsiedoodles Ok, I changed my mind. The problem I have with this show wasn’t the Karuta. Honestly, now the Karuta doesn’t matter. You can potentially replace that with anything else and the show would function the same way. I dislike main characters. Aside from that everything is pretty watchable.
navycherub I’m still in love with Chihayafuru’s quirkiness and beauty. It is a true treat to watch each time, and time seems to pass so quickly when I watch it. This month had more focus on increasing the cast instead of developing the characters like before, but it is still very nice.
spock1013 It still has its unique charm but I found the plotline lacking. I feel Arata’s malice towards the game was a little too strong at first, but then after a few moments he is completely over it? That seemed unnatural to me and has put me off a bit to this show.
flipsiedoodles Still the show I know and love to watch. However, I expected a bit more progress from the main character this time around. And sadly while the addition of new characters is natural, I feel like I’m being bogged down by them.
navycherub Ben-to is so much fun to watch; its cast consists mostly of stereotypes and such, and the developments aren’t exactly surprising most of the time, but it is presented in such a self-aware, silly way that I can’t help but love it.
spock1013 The new plot developments have gotten me intrigued on where this show is going to go. Will there end up being some sort of wolf war? Or will they stick to the episodic mini-plots with new wolves being encountered at new locations? Either way the show is decently funny and the fights are still good.

Kimi to Boku
flipsiedoodles All I can ever really say about this show is that it’s relaxing and refreshing. The humor is nice and everything makes sense. ?Even though their actions are exaggerated, everything that happens is believable and I enjoy that.
navycherub Kimi to Boku didn’t miss a single step. It’s simple, relaxing fun that puts me in a nice mood every time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
spock1013 This month’s chunk of episodes actually got a few chuckles out of me. I like the expanding cast and the interactions amongst the characters. Kaname still seems like an asshole, especially the way he treated his mother, which makes the show off-putting to me.
flipsiedoodles Things are getting fairly dramatic this time around, which seems to be the trend now with this show. Normally, I’d be all for that kind of thing, but having to deal with the characters in these situations, I don’t really know. It’s not really all that enjoyable for me.
navycherub Idolmaster was, simply put, a pain to watch for the majority of this month. The recent influx of drama, especially when Chihaya is involved, is not what I expect or enjoy in my fun idol show.
spock1013 I love how they have been really going in depth with the characters. The dancing animation is great and the songs are good and fun but the character development is what has me stuck on this show.
Guilty Crown 12(+1) 11 8 11 11
Phi Brain 15(+3) 12 11 7 13
HunterxHunter 11(-2) 11 12 10 14
Ika Musume 13(-1) 13 14 15 10
Maji Koi 14(-1) 14 16 14 16
C3 16 16 15 16 15


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