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Power Rank – October 2014 November 9, 2014

Posted by navycherub in Anime, Power Rank.

Your Lie in April
blackpack kid Definitely one of the best of the season. It’s apparent by clearly how much work went into every episode, as the choreography of each performance is breathtaking, and the ability of the two main characters to brighten up what is already a very pastel-heavy show. The male main character’s anxiety is extremely discomforting but I believe that only makes the show better in that they really want to show us how he feels when he returns to something with painful memories attached. A definite must-watch for the season.
culley711 I found this to be a really enjoyable show. The former child protégé angle isn’t new but it’s executed very well here. There is real quality in the animation and the music as well. The relationships are loud and messy as they ought to be for the ages of the characters. I like how adult mindsets aren’t pushed onto a 14 year old character, and I’m glad that these childish personalities and drama wasn’t placed in a high school setting. Everything hits the mark.
hamdog92 Every time I’ve watched this anime I just go completely giddy. Not only does it have incredible looking art and animation but its soundtrack thus far has been absolutely jaw dropping. This anime walks with the same stride as Chihayafuru did and I’m looking forward to continue being bewitched in November. Kaori is the supreme waifu of the season by the way.
navycherub The art direction in Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is stunning, as is the direction. These are both incredibly important to an effective drama like this, because getting across feelings without words uses the visual medium to its advantage and pulls the viewer in. And in a show about music, this becomes even more true. Luckily this show is in competent hands who completely understand these concepts and execute them supremely well.
blackpack kid What sometimes feels like a generic shounen with a twist, and other times, a look at an interesting dichotomy between a dude and his hand as they try to coexist, I’m not exactly sure what I’m watching when Kiseijuu is on. The battles are inventive and each fight makes sure it can do something the previous fight could not. My only fear is that many of the side characters won’t get a chance to be anything other than bland and predictable.
culley711 What would you do? As a megane man, I find myself identifying strongly with the main character. Nobody else is in Shinichi’s unique position of knowing why vicious murders are occurring and to see its effect on him is a driving force of this show. Aside from the psychological, the real interactions Shinichi is experiencing with normal life and other infected brings the hypotheticals of morality to a brutal reality. This show is not to be missed and I have high expectations for where it is going.
hamdog92 This anime kicks a lot of fucking ass. Almost on principle at this point I always seem to find some kind of enjoyment out of anything Madhouse creates but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the ride Parasyte has provided me thus far. The insane action sequences and the metaphorical adolescent themes were the kind of things I had expected out of Fate/Stay Night but was pleasantly happy to find them here. As a big fan of transformation I have also extremely enjoyed the grotesque body morphing. It’s some crazy stuff to look at.
navycherub This show is probably Madhouse at their best. Not sure what justified its production values, but it looks, sounds, and moves great. It’s necessary, too – the action scenes in Kiseijuu simply could not have worked with lesser animation. On the plot side, too, I have grown fond of Shinichi and Migi’s interactions as they learn to coexist. Shinichi’s ideals are quickly proving to be unsustainable.
blackpack kid To say I went into this show with low expectations would be an understatement. I was surprised at how to-the-point this show is. They don’t weigh the viewer down with intense world-building or Mahouka levels of explaining how the magic and physics works. It just works, and we’re along for the ride. This is both a good and bad thing with Shingeki. The character designs feel unique and the battles are well thought out. I hope the episodic nature of the series doesn’t stale out with me, because the pacing sometimes has me in and out of the doldrums.
culley711 A strong entry into the fantasy genre. This show has great action with characters you’re unlikely to forget. Genesis knows its audience and doesn’t waste much time with elaboration. Most characters have strong personalities who are ready to shoot/swing first and ask questions later. As I feel my point of view/main character is Favaro, I just roll with the punches and don’t concern myself with the past of Amira or the ultimate goals of the Crusaders. All I care about is when this tail is going away!
hamdog92 I was completely biased in seeing this anime succeed and so far I have been really pleased with the successes of Bahamut. This arguably has the best animation of any anime premiering this season though admittedly this may be because of its stunning art direction. However, its biggest accomplishment has surely been its cast of characters. Favaro, Kaiser, Amira, and Rita are all very enjoyable to watch and play off one another very effectively. I’m fairly sure my high hopes for this anime will continue to be met.
navycherub Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis lives, thrives off of the Rule of Cool, and it works because it isn’t ashamed at all. You can tell from the very first scene introducing Favaro and Kaisar that Bahamut wants to be loud, energetic, and huge. It is in many ways a love letter to Hollywood action movies but in the process managed to surpass them in pretty much every way.
blackpack kid Maybe I’m just biased by how much I loved Fate/Zero, but I can’t think of a point where my eyes weren’t glued to the screen. Each scene feels crafted. The art is vivid and the fights are spectacular and show off how much of a visual powerhouse this show will be. We’ve already been introduced to a number of characters but it does a good job of balancing some suspense towards what involvement they may have with the war. I’ll be cheering on ufotable, I can say that.
culley711 On paper some other shows may match up with Fate/Stay Night, but the experience of watching this show is superior to everything else this season. I knew what to expect after seeing Fate/Zero and I have not been let down yet. All the characters met have been of high quality and the story, while slow, has been evolving at a pace my mind can keep up with. The only thing that may be lacking here is a variety of view points. While it makes sense that we are following Shirou’s point of view like in the visual novel, I am aching to see who Shirou is up against.
hamdog92 So I guess I need to explain myself. I’m actually enjoying Fate, I really am. I’m also trying to not constantly compare it to Fate/Zero but the Kirei/Gilgamesh get-togethers along with various references make it a moot point to me. This anime just like its predecessor is beyond competent in pretty much every aspect that one could judge animation. Yet it’s just not doing all that much for me. I ultimately believe it’s because Fate’s origins as a visual novel more or less make most of the characters (especially the fucking children) feel completely artificial to me. When I rated Fate/Stay Night this was basically how it ranked among the other power ranks. Nearly everything had something, whether that was some element or an initial premise to it that I basically felt needed to be ranked over Fate. I have the suspicion that I’ll come around to this anime by the end of the November as the Berserker fight made some amazing eye porn. I also really enjoy Archer as a character. He really brings a lot to this anime.
navycherub The strongest element of ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night is how much information they can get across with simple movements. The prologue episode in particular did this spectacularly, managing to completely flesh out Rin through simple things like her movements as she woke up, or talked on the phone, or did anything at all really. There are no wasted movements; everything that we are being shown is purposeful and strong. Now, if the plot could move to a place that actually used these already well-developed characters for something more meaningful, then Fate/Stay Night would absolutely jump up in enjoyment for me.
blackpack kid It’s a show about guys on bikes and every after-credits scene is about them taking baths together. Much like a bike ride, or a bath, it’s refreshing. Amid a flurry of other sports shows every year, Yowamushi continues to show that it has real heart. It is a real edge of your seat experience just watching these characters move a few km. This season also adds some humanization to some surprising characters and I have to say, it blew me out of the water.
culley711 SPORTS ANIME. Alright, it’s a pretty good sports anime. The cycling was interesting in season 1 but now it uses power levels above good techniques and team work. As a guy who enjoys watching the Tour de France every year, the planning of this 3 day bicycle race makes little sense to me. The speed at which this anime has used up backstory of opponents is frustrating. The pacing of the show is awful, with times and distances being rattled off without much relevance to the outcome. FYI, if there’s 100 meters to go and you’re 10 meters behind, enjoy 2nd place. That’s the truth that Yowapeda loves to ignore.
hamdog92 Yowapeda has done a fucking stellar job of ending day two of the Inter-High. I didn’t expect to have massive feels for Midousuji in episode 3 but god damn it; I just wanted to hug this poor creepy kid and get him to a fucking dentist. Day three should be better than ever with the amount of emotion behind it not to mention this random green team that haunts the new OP this season.
navycherub Climaxes! Backstory! Sure, Yowamushi Pedal has humanized opponents in the past, but I really from the bottom of my heart did not think it would ever bother touching Midousuji. Yet here we are, and while he is still kind of a huge jerk, at least he isn’t a complete inhuman alien any more (well, aside from the crazy things he can do with his body of course). It’s also very nice that now was chosen to give us that, because the “ace” part of the race is the most boring. Little to no teamwork, action limited to seeing three guys go really fast for a few episodes. Onto day three!
blackpack kid An inside look into how insanely stressful it is in the anime industry, and with just growing up in general. The series follows some high school friends as they try to make it in the real world, but the meat of the show is when the different cogs in the anime studio gears all interact. Each person feels like they have something to bring to the table and watching the progression of even the in-story anime they are making is impressive.
culley711 Anime about anime? Sure, I loved the manga about manga. Shirobako is a tornado of names, faces, and rushing against the clock trying to do stages of animation that I didn’t even know existed. But it’s all for the fans, right? Despite the unfamiliarity I have with the process, the human struggles that Aoi faces really connect with me. Pushing yourself to work hard, memorizing vital but confusing information, and having no real market skills other than sheer will and nagging people are all things that I have personally experienced in the spooky land of the salary workplace. This anime is approaching The Office in terms of documentary status. Do watch Shirobako if you want to know why your credits are so long. Amusingly, the production company within the anime seems to be producing higher quality anime that half the shows out this season.
hamdog92 We have a lot of great anime on this power ranking and unfortunately that means this anime got rated much lower than I had really anticipated to rate it. I’m very pleased this anime made the top 10. Cute girls, great direction, and an ensemble cast of passionate nerds with unrealistically attractive female coworkers who are just as nerdy. What’s there not to like?
navycherub Shirobako manages to capture the feeling of its subject matter with its own atmosphere – hectic, fast, and sometimes a little stressful. The main character is also very sympathetic, with lots of expressions and an honest feeling energy-to-stress balance. The marketing team behind this show needs to be fired, though. If you didn’t watch it, you would think it’s like a cute girls in a club show except they have a job instead, and now I am instead watching a show about (mostly) normal people and wondering constantly where all the other girls in the promotional images and flashbacks are. Good thing this show is two cour I suppose.
blackpack kid Time for more politics and loose bifocals. The battles are still interesting but the show doesn’t try to bog you down with the tediousness of the raids so I appreciate the jumping a bit. Shiroe’s strategies and behind-the-curtain plans are still a great reason to follow the show and with the arc opening up the possibilities of where the show can go is promising. This being said, the show has lost some of its luster with DEEN helming the foray back into the database(database), and with the episodes focusing on Akatsuki, I find myself wondering “how did they mess this up?”. I’ll cross my fingers for some progression in Log Horizon 2 but it is on thin ice.
culley711 DATABASE DATABASE. Things are changing in the world of Log Horizon. Relationships are evolving and Shiro is realizing that the adventurers need to explore and thrive or become stagnant in this new world. New areas were added in the apocalypse update and they’re beginning to have a major impact on everyone in the world. I love the show and it’s started out on a strong foot, pushing forward the plot. This is straining relationships, which will force growth and progression. I can’t wait to see how Shiro guides the adventurers from the shadows.
hamdog92 Log Horizon started off with an impressive bang this season. The return of Demikas and Wizard-chan along with newcomers like Tetra has really kicked the show off. The ongoing dungeon raid has been great thus far though the fourth episode was really dragged down by Akatsuki. I think Log’s future power ranks will basically be determined by the ratio in which Akatsuki is in the forefront of the anime.
navycherub I don’t care about Akatsuki. I just don’t. Her problems are not interesting or powerful, nor do they have much if anything to do with the setting. Without her focus this month, Log Horizon would be much higher for me, because everything not involving her was plenty of fun. Demikas coming back on Shiroe’s side (but not really), Tetra being introduced and somehow not being an annoying piece of crap and instead being really charming, the raid stuff, all of that is good and pretty much the reasons Akatsuki didn’t completely kill Log Horizon for me.
blackpack kid Also known as: How Are People So Bad At Their Jobs 2. Season 2 plays out as if you need no real knowledge of the first season to be on the tracks for this adventure. The animation is clean and the no-holds-barred intensity of season 1 is alive and well. The new mystery is exciting and has me continuing to wonder what could possibly happen next. Also the exploitation of a country’s very own technology and security is always intriguing, and it’s interesting to see how they twist the system compared to how they did the same thing the previous season.
culley711 Things have changed, but not for the better, in Psycho Pass 2. Akane is queen bee of section 1 but her subordinates are very rebellious. We have a lot of new characters that we know little about and there’s something suspicious going on in the Sybil system. We start with violence and mystery but the mystery hasn’t been evolving beyond “What Color?”. We had rambling fanatics which helped to form Akane’s suspicious but those fanatics haven’t yielded evidence, just more ramblings and increasing violence. While the first month of Psycho Pass 2 has been strong it appears to be headed for a cliff.
hamdog92 PP has been pretty great so far. I like where they’re taking the plot and all the returning main characters are fantastic as always. That said, the anime has focused a great deal on these new characters and I just don’t feel all that compelled to like them at all. Hopefully they’ll grow on me in future episodes.
navycherub This season of Psycho-Pass takes its cues from the police drama inspired first half of the original season, rather than the plot-driven and more thoughtful second half. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are into that kind of show, but I personally prefer the second half. We also have new characters who I want to like, but not much time is being spent on them because the show loves Akane so much. At least the hipster teacher is back and relevant, because I loved him in the first show. As a small aside, this season’s visual direction is a huge step up from before. More ambitious and creative shots are used making it a lot more visceral as a result, perhaps another side effect of the show’s atmosphere choices.
blackpack kid I’m not sure what I expected here. Maybe I just expected “more”. That’s vague, but when I don’t feel much depth to any of the characters, nor a tonal shift after major events occur, you start to lose me. The visuals look good but I can’t help but feel let down in the designs or just animation in general given what Kyo-Ani has given us in the past. The main character makes rash decisions to save the park that generally don’t work and I already find myself worried I’ve predicted the flow of the rest of the show.
culley711 I didn’t know what to expect from this show but I have been surprised. In some ways it is roller coaster tycoon, with Seiya as general manager trying to control oncoming disasters. In another light this is a light hearted fantasy drama similar to Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita because Seiya is trying to be an intermediary between the faries and the park guests. Amagi Brilliant Park has the right humor and story to be a good anime. Here’s to a brilliant future!
hamdog92 KyoAni meets Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Queen Latifah in an amusement park. I don’t really think you could have a better set up than this but apparently I somehow happen to be the one who has rated this the highest amongst us. Once again I think this all goes back to my love of the characters, they’re all very likable in one way or the other. Chief among them would be Kanie himself. He’s voiced by Uchiyama Kouki who has become my favorite voice actor of 2014 for his work as Smile from Ping Pong the Animation and Meruem from Hunter x Hunter.
navycherub This show is taking some time trying to figure out what it wants to be. The first episode was side-splittingly hilarious and I immediately got attached to Kanie and Sento. Their dynamic is cute and works really well. As more characters get introduced, and Kanie adjusts to his situation, the focus on comedy seems to be put on the backburner, which is unfortunate because KyoAni are the masters of comedic timing. As a side note, the pink cat is voiced by Nonaka Ai, whose lovely voice I haven’t heard in what feels like forever.
blackpack kid These character designs. This art style. They both look great and it’s appealing to watch for the most part. The character interactions of the lecherous father and angsty son can still come off as endearing and is nice when done right. The story isn’t one to write home about and I’m not a fan of CG generally. I’m also not a fan of their costumes. I won’t deny the CG doesn’t look poorly made. I just don’t like. Here’s hoping the show doesn’t fall into episodic father-son adventure hell.
culley711 Like magic powers but hate transformation scenes? This is your show! But seriously? It’s alright I guess. There’s a big grand plot that feels like it has a sense of urgency, but the characters don’t seem to feel that rush to save the king and the kingdom. They like to take side quests but that has provided a lot of time for the main character to get used to his power and for time to elapse for other characters caught in the fallout from the silent coup. I find this anime similar in mindset to Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis but simpler in characters and plot.
hamdog92 GARRRRRRRRRRROOOO!!!!!! GARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! This anime is great fun. While it has a simple art style, its backed by extremely competent 2D and 3D animation. The show has some impressive fights while also keeping its story paced very effectively. I’m looking forward to judging this anime’s long term successes.
navycherub Garo‘s strength lies in its simplicity. Each episode so far has been a fairly straightforward fantasy story featuring the incredibly charismatic Herman and his much less charismatic “son” Leon, going about solving mysteries or fighting monsters in their own distinct ways. The simplicity extends to its art direction, too – soft colors, not much shading on characters, and so on. My main complaint, then, is that there just isn’t enough action in a show that feels like it should have more.
Gugure! Kokkuri-san 11 9 10 11 12
Akatsuki no Yona 12 16 12 13 6
Grisaia no Kaijitsu 13 12 11 12 14
Terra Formars 14 13 15 7 15
Inou-Battle wa Nichijoi-kei wo Naka De 15 15 14 14 13
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 16 14 16 16 16

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