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Power Rank – December 13th – 31st January 7, 2015

Posted by navycherub in Anime.
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  • どうぞ!

shirobako_1 Logo_Shirobako (1)
blackpack kid To say I was blown away by these episodes would be an understatement.  Everything just seemed to come together as each character perfectly played off their coworkers and the problems that arose continue to feel unique and have us wondering where the show will go from there.  The tension in the show as they try to finish on time actually feels palpable, and their reactions to the impending dread seem to really fit the episode.  Also for anyone who has ever gone through the interview circuit can absolutely relate to the scenes that Shirobako plays out.  Stumbling over answers or applicants just being wholly unprepared strikes a very special chord that feels as if they were pulling from the staff’s own experiences rather than something created by the writers, and I think that says a lot about this episode.  That it feels real.  That it feels genuine.  The icing on the cake was the homage to “The Little Match Girl” as it just seemed fantastical and stunning to look at as the scene overflowed with companies and characters we all know and love.  For a show often grounded in realism(besides the bear and doll) this scene of fantasy and wonder was a welcome addition that I really think complements what the show is all about.  Characters with dreams.  As I have said before, sometimes I dislike the real-life dramas that arise in the show that I think do the show a disservice, but the scenes with Yano-san reacting to her father’s situation are lightly sprinkled into the episode and never truly take away from the episode or steal the spotlight, but work as a seasoning to the stress.  All of this was enough to win me over this PR but nothing could have prepared me for the next episode and it’s new viewpoint of animators who have been around for a long time and how they view everything happening in the anime world.  Having the Hideaki Anno-esque character was such a blast to watch and really gives off a humbling vibe for animators that I had not really considered.  Continuing to bring something new to the table when I think I’ve seen everything is how Shirobako continues to shine as it strives for excellence.  Every staff position in the industry feels really humanized compared to what we sometimes think to be very  stiff production line.  Also I was happily surprised to see the amount of development they put into  Shigeru-san.  It was amazing to watch all the younger animators clamoring for his teachings and once again had me wondering how much of this is personal experiences from the staff of this show.  The fact I have to wonder that, says wonders for the show and I can only hope they keep this streak of brilliant episodes up.
culley711 Everybody works together to achieve their dreams/jobs. That central theme is expressed so purely in this segment of Shirobako. Just when all hope is lost, search within yourself (aka the company) for the thing you’ve forgotten about (aka a bad ass animator who knows how animals do what they do). This really is like a mini finale and I wonder where we’re going to be taken next in this exploration of the animation process. Since they’ve finished Exodus and have no future project planned yet, will we be taking a stronger look at the other girls from Aoi’s high school or will we be sold off as slaves to another studio who needs help (just like Exodus has been doing during its airing). Who knows but I look forward to it!
hamdog92 Well this is awkward….. I really didn’t think my rating of Shirobako would really stand out from everyone else but here I am seemingly defiant against Shirobako claiming first place this round. My only defense is that my peers are simply all too eager to suck Anno’s dick just because his stand-in appeared on an anime about cute girls making anime about cute girls. With that out of the way, the studio’s completion of Exodus was pretty stellar. Every little aspect of the show (and yes I thought Anno was great too) that had built up over this cour came together and ended the midseason with a great feeling of satisfaction. In general, Shirobako has been a very interesting experience. When I was originally pitching the sheer hype I had for this anime to NavyCherub, I constantly mentioned the director’s previous work on Girls und Panzer and Joshiraku. My logic being that the promotional material stressed the five girls just like those two anime. In reality however, Shirobako is much more in line with Genshiken which was also directed by Tsutomu Mizushima and gives us the same kind of grounded viewpoint on the culture surrounding anime albeit from the industry itself. I can’t wait to see what it does in its second cour.
navycherub Shirobako built itself up for so long and this set of episodes practically felt like a finale. The development of Miyamori came to a climax in an incredibly satisfying way, providing plenty of surreal sequences contrasted with harsh reality that Shirobako should be known for by now. Also juxtaposed were the struggles of the young and the old – we’ve seen plenty of characters trying to find their place as new animators, but the show presents that with the struggles of the older animators who feel out of place as well.
blackpack kid Unlimited Blade Works really pulled itself together after the pace somewhat slowed down last time.  The show felt like it was going back to the visceral animation playground I remember from the first couple of episodes and with action to keep me enthralled the entire time, even if the action wasn’t exactly fighting.  I think the episodes did a wonderful job with their portrayal of Rin and where her priorities lie in the Grail War.  They really drive home her determination and I think it really shows.  It’s refreshing to see her act so reasonably, but maybe that’s because the internet has been telling me she is the ultimate tsundere for almost a decade now and I was pleased to see her not be the cookie cutter face of tsun I misjudged her to be.  I don’t want to sound like a broken record saying I love hearing the characters discuss why they fight or why their opponents’ ideals could never compare to theirs, but I really do enjoy the scenes, and Archer helping Emiya and simultaneously shutting him down was breathtaking to watch. The tactics the characters come up with to fight each other definitely keep me entertained and the fight with Caster on the bridge was just exciting to watch unfold.  In fact the entire episode played out amazingly well.  Throwing in the anime original scene of Fujimura at Kerry’s grave was touching and a welcome addition that allowed the bridge scene to also go down intensely.  It’s the fact that the show knows when to change things up that it really comes into its own.  The  date was extremely entertaining if for no other reason than to watch Saber be the happiest third wheel ever.  With us at the halfway point I only expect the show to be completely crazy from here on out, so here’s crossing fingers.
culley711 This segment of PR gave Fate Stay Night a huge advantage and FSN took it! With 2 full episodes and a special double episode, FSN blew me away. The development of Shirou from a pure pacifist to a guy who will do anything to protect those he loves was so satisfying. This cliffhanger is very bleak and there is likely a lot of suffering in his future, but I believe in this new Shirou.
hamdog92 It’s been a long journey for me, but I can firmly say that I enjoyed the conclusion of this half of Fate. Saber was such a cutie eating those sandwiches at the picnic. It warmed my heart so much that it was nearly shattered by her subsequent capture by Caster. Aside from that though, Archer and Kirei really stole the show. I was not expecting to cheer for Kirei’s survival but I nonetheless found myself doing so. I’m not going to bother speculating on the next half of Fate since I’ll probably just be wrong but I will say I’m definitely looking forward to it.
navycherub A very satisfying place to stop. The new scenes sold me on this adaptation actually being better than the visual novel itself; seeing things from different perspectives makes the conflict more interesting all around. It’s not really a war story when only one side is portrayed, after all. The fight scenes came out in full force, too, and my only complaint visually is that the water skeletons were not very convincing. I have faith in ufotable using this cour break to bring us the best second half possible.
blackpack kid One stellar episode was all we got.  Before I talk about the rest of the episode I have to say the opening was amazing.  It was only 16 seconds of content but it felt so much longer because it was just so pleasing to watch.  It had me remembering the highly stylized “hero” scenes of Ping Pong from earlier this year, and while I don’t know if that was their intention, it was a beautifully crafted scene nonetheless.  The beginning of the episode deals with each of their perceptions of Arima’s performance and it’s stunning how they can balance Takeshi’s hero perceptions smashed, Emi’s bewilderment with why Arima seems so content with his loss, and Arima and the calm he feels from being freed from his fears.  It’s a tightrope to walk but they handle it with such ease, with the soft piano accompaniment really driving that scene home.  The following scene reminds the audience that even though he was calm at first, he’s still human, as he’s overcome with emotion and bitterness, and begins to just run and scream.  He doesn’t need to explain anything to his friends and his inner dialogue is almost unneeded as the actions alone can tell the story at that moment in time.  People can react on a dime and at the strangest times, and he hit his cracking point.  It’s nice to see a building breakdown as opposed to other shows that immediately have the character fall into despair.  It’s another added element of realism that keeps it grounded and interesting.  Kousei decides to go against the mold that he’s been set in for years and it says a lot for his development to really open up to the idea of becoming a “really weird pianist”.  The final scene once again portraying Kaori as leading Kousei into the light (or lightning bugs this time) has become a staple of the show that I love seeing implemented and says a lot for the director in that he knows exactly what he is doing with each scene.  It was a beautiful scene.  Arima mentioned in the episode that Mozart said “Go on a journey”.  I think for the past 11 episodes, that is exactly what we have been doing.
culley711 The aftermath was more satisfying than the concert in my opinion. Arima’s relationship with his “aunt” is hilarious to see because he’s usually so introverted but one thing I’m eager to see is how his friendships will have evolved from his playing. I can’t say what analogy is best for Arima’s transformation until I’ve heard him play more, but I’m sure it’s a mixture between a butterfly emerging from a cocoon and awakening a sleeping dragon. Will it be enough to outclass his new rivals despite two years of slacking?
hamdog92 No life is enough. This is basically the theme of the show and Kousei wears it right on his fucking shirt. A-1 Pictures did a wonderful job of portraying his downward spiral during his performance and the tragedy of it all was not exactly what I thought I was getting when I started watching this anime. On a lighter note, the appearance of his mentor/aunt was very touching for me. For one I really enjoy the chemistry between the two but more importantly the flashback revealed that Kousei’s mom wasn’t always an abusive monster of a mother. KimiUso has been a wild ride of a show and I’m very happy this anime about musicians and suffering gets a second cour because in all seriousness, the most revered composers and musicians among us are those who suffer. That is the unfortunate reality behind the creation of art.
navycherub It was only one episode, but I appreciated this small break from the intensity of the competitions. While they are intense and wonderful, they are consequentially stressful, so unwinding is nice. The show took this chance to tell us a bit more about Kousei’s past, bringing in some new characters, as well as reminding us about Kaori’s time limit. The characters also seem to realize they are basically in a sports anime, which is amusing.
blackpack kid Well I wasn’t expecting that.  While still a solid episode overall, Kiseijuu really seems to drag its feet when dealing with characters that aren’t Shinichi.  I’m talking mainly about Kana.  I couldn’t help but be a tad irked by the trope of “hero reveals secret but girl doesn’t believe him”.  And with the bigger story of the parasites gaining political ground and taking over the city, I was more concerned with that, than watching Kana make terrible decision after terrible decision.  The show sometimes seems like an exercise in disposable characters.  The fight with the other parasite was extraordinary despite it only being a few seconds long.  Shinichi ripping out the monster’s heart was a great way to show how he feels in that moment as well.  Tit for tat.    But the fight at the end of the episode was even more powerful.  There was a lot of raw emotion as Shinichi just lets go and takes out his anger on the boyfriend yet seems so calm.  Playing this scene alongside the credits music really amplified the intended effect and was well done.  The quality hasn’t gone down and fights are as fluid as ever, Shinichi and Migi’s discussions still win me over anytime they are talking, and with the side-quest of Kana out of the way, maybe the upcoming arc will get us to..
culley711 OH NO! Shinichi! How much more can his kokoro take before he bursts? Find out next episode probably. This single episode of Parasyte was great. The treat of the mayoral race and the odd behavior of the other Parasites will have to take a back seat because the emotions in this episode will surely be at the forefront of Shinichi’s mind going forward. I have felt like we’ve been at a breaking point for a while, waiting for Shinichi to run out on his own. It was foolish to think he could go back to a normal life after finding revenge for his mother’s killer, but surely after Kana’s death, he should break away from society completely.
hamdog92 SPIDERMAN! SPIDERMAN!!! SPIDERMAN!!!!!  This little joke by NavyCherub basically spoiled Kana’s death for me, but I nonetheless thoroughly relished the experience of it all the same. I’ve been seeing a lot of talk about Shinichi’s recent powerup in its relation with Shonen but I wanted to take this review to actually talk about superheroes. Because I believe Parayste to be a superhero story but done in a setting grounded in reality without the fantasy of being a superhero attached. Compare the death of Shinichi’s mom to the death of the loved ones of Peter Parker and Bruce Wayne. Their tragic backstories are seen by the mainstream as wholly unrelated to the antagonists they fight within their careers as costumed fetishists. Yet Shinichi’s mom is nonchalantly killed by a parasite far away from our protagonist. Kana too is swiftly killed without melodrama. These are the same kinds of strokes that can be found in any superhero story and they do the same jobs of reinforcing danger and motivation to Shinichi but they do so based in an internal logic that always keeps the overwhelming presence of the parasites in mind rather than just acting as development flashpoints for Shinichi. It’s also very interesting that Madhouse made this anime the same year Hunter x Hunter’s Chimera Ant arc ended. Just like the ants, the parasites seem to be on a set evolutionary course that makes them all too human. A dark undercurrent unique to this 90’s adaption is that the consistent presence of smartphones and tablets gives the human characters a zombie like presence on screen. Humanity, through its over-reliance of technology is losing its control over society, the world, and even what it means to be human. The parasites on the other hand seem to be well set to reshape the world to match their biological needs and impulses. This theme is reflected in a paradoxical sort of sense in Shinichi’s struggle maintaining his humanity. This also nicely brings us back to the superhero story of Shinichi’s life. He lives the same kind of high school life as Peter Parker lives, and he performs the same kind of heroics Spiderman performs; but unlike Peter, Shinichi doesn’t need to dress up as costumed fetishist to hide his identity, because taking off his glasses was more than enough.
navycheruThe conclusion to this small arc seems to have caused a lot of controversy, as well as drawing plenty of ire, but I don’t think it deserves it. Yeah, it played out a lot like a typical superhero story, but that isn’t really a problem in itself. It’s about the execution, which I think was definitely better than a lot of the stories it is being compared to – most renditions of Spiderman, in particular. The last scene was especially poignant, bringing in the ending song at a perfect point to drive home Shinichi’s feelings. On a larger front, I am interested in seeing how much the story handles parasites entering into positions of power in the human world, but I’m not sure if that will be particularly relevant to Shinichi’s personal journey or not.
bahamaz_5 bahamut_logo
blackpack kid There’s a lot to like and a lot to groan at in these final episodes but overall the show stayed interesting, exciting, and was a treat for the eyes.  Bahamut really knows how to pull out all the stops for an epic final showdown.  Every character has a role to play and everyone from the show has something to add to the final battle, unless of course, they’re Jeanne D’Arc in which case your character will get completely screwed over and made powerless and of little importance seconds before the final battle starts.  It’s really unfortunate because she was a really interesting character that I felt invested in, and her surviving the burning only to have nothing come of it in the long run was upsetting.  The fight choreography was great to watch, whether it was air battles, or simple sword vs sword battles with Kaisar and Favaro.  One that especially stuck out was Rita throwing her arm and it splitting off like a rocket to throw the cure at Jeanne.  The show knows how to stay flashy and can have just the right amount of twists and turns to intrigue anybody watching, whether through shooting Favaro or slicing off Kaisar’s hand which really blew me away.  The final battle vs Bahamut really felt epic in scale and was a great sendoff to a series that seemingly came out of nowhere and I had pegged as nothing special.  I definitely would not mind a season 2.  Also the OP was fantastic.
culley711 The finale! Wow. Super fun. How many times can Kaiser fall off of stuff!? The conclusion to Bahamut’s story was really entertaining, not for the plot (which was pretty standard) but for the characters and their reactions to the apocalypse surrounding them? I don’t know at what point they realized that they are in way over their heads, but they took it all in stride. I can’t say enough how enjoyable this show was. I’m very glad the ending was definitive. “I’ll be back” indeed. If there is no season 2, I think that would be just fine, but if they bring the same creativity and script, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Favaro and co. What escapades will the legendary hero get up to next?
hamdog92 Bahamut had a pretty standard ending, I will admit that, but the characters: Favaro, Kaiser, Rita, and Amira will probably be ingrained into my brain for the rest of the decade. I haven’t been so attached to a quartet of characters like this before. There’s nothing I can really elaborate on besides repetitions of how great the animation was and how much fun I had with the series. I don’t have a huge desire to rewatch most anime I’ve already seen dubbed but Bahamut has definitely earned a rewatch from Here’s hoping the “I’ll be back” at the post credits is legitimate.
navycherub Bahamut ended like it began, which is in an action-packed, exhilarating way. It may have meandered around the middle, but as it came together it realized its strengths (its cast, mostly) and pulled it together perfectly. If I have one major complaint, it is in how Jeanne’s character arc played out. She was brought into the show and paraded around as if she was going to be a character as important as the main party, but in the end her conflict was so inconsequential that I think it could have been removed entirely and no one would complain.
amagi_6 amagi+logo
blackpack kid Am I in some alternate universe where I really like Amagi Brilliant Park or has this world just gone crazy?  Amagi does one thing exceptionally right.  It knows how to tell a beautiful lie.  The episode shows all the characters coming together to save the park and it’s nothing short of endearing.  It made me feel like I actually enjoyed the prior episodes where they all learned to be good at their jobs and that each episode was unique and heartwarming in its own way.  Of course I don’t actually believe this, but the show really does try to convince me otherwise.  It felt great watching the well-oiled machine of a park give its all to save their home, and it felt really rewarding as a viewer to watch them cross  the 500k mark.  Their excitement felt like my own.  The next scene that stuck out was Kanie and Latifa’s exchange under the tree.  As she knows that her memories will be lost and comes to the full realization, you can see her transform from happy and unaffected, to complete heartbreak as her body trembles and her eyes gloss over with tears before pouring out and it was one of the most beautifully emotional animated scenes that Kyo-Ani has given me with this show.  Their conversation was stellar to watch, even if you can already predict somehow they’ll make it through, and it’s powerful scenes like that that I’ve come to expect from Kyo-Ani, as they excel at it.  A powerful episode through and through.  Now what I don’t understand is why I liked the next episode.  Maybe it’s the fact that I prefer when Kyo-Ani gives me a finished product rather than building one.  I like Tamako Market but I don’t know if I’d feel the same about watching them try to create the market.  The same goes for this.  All the characters have their positions and can now easily bounce off of each other and share the screen time instead of getting the spotlight and not getting to see how they interact with everyone else.  I was captivated watching each character list what they wanted in the PV and watching it all come together as some horrible masterpiece of art was just pleasing to watch.  I actually found myself laughing quite a bit at a few scenes and could only wish I had felt this way about almost all of the previous episodes.  As a silly filler episode finale it sure was something special.  I may not have enjoyed the rest of the show but you really sold me this PR on these episodes.  Go ahead and keep your park.  You earned it.
culley711 First, this show is great. Really really great. I loved the 12th episode so much. It was so heartwarming when everyone came together and made the park succeed. However, all that feeling of family vanished in the final episode. It was pretty much a short shout out to every character in the show in a pretty unnecessary way. It was comical initially but soon became absurd and the episode wasn’t even half over. It drove me over the edge. Episode 12 was 9/10 but episode 13 was 3/10, so I stood between and Amagi got 6th place in my heart for the final segment of this season’s PR. To restate, do watch this show. It’s totally worth it.
hamdog92 So this is like the reverse of Shirobako I guess. I really adored the final two episodes of Amagi, more so than an average episode of the series which I really enjoyed in general. In particular, I want to address the final episode which on paper could have been easily edited to before the climax of the anime in episode 12 but it works wonderfully as an epilogue to the whole season in a number of ways. For one, it’s told from the perspective of Tricen who has been relegated to the supporting cast up until this point. It also allows every employee at the park there own little send-off before the end while also simultaneously presenting an atmosphere that suggests a sequel season or movie so it doesn’t feel like a final goodbye. And finally it’s just really fucking funny, I laughed way too much at the completed PV. Tamako Love Story also carries this idea of changing the perspective of who the main character is. It’s a cool idea and I hope to see that continue in future KyoAni works.
navycherub .Another show that ended really strongly. The drama was basically unearned, as I suspected it would be, but it was complimented enough with decent comedy that really used the characters to their strengths so that I didn’t really mind a little cheesiness. The last episode, too, was essentially OVA material, but it also worked as a sendoff to the park as a whole, so I liked that, too. A good example of a strong middle-of-the-road show, from beginning to end.
yowapeda_7 granderoad_logo
blackpack kid The closest thing we get to shonen death in a show about bikers.  The first episode really felt like a swan song for Arakita who spent last PR winning over everyone.  It really felt like the reunion special we’ve all been waiting for.  Both teams were made whole and then faced off giving it their all.  No power moves or secret mana attacks, just spirit.  It was great to see each character patting each other on the back for their hard work so far, even if they aren’t on the same teams.  As Arakita dropped out it was honestly upsetting but we got to see him go out on his own terms fighting until his very last breath and the anime played the scene exceptionally well.  It was nice to see every character miss him just as much as the viewer will.  The next episode immediately starts with each character fighting the upcoming final battle with more speeches about giving your all that we have all known to love.  Each one willing to give up their spot in the race to help push their teammates to victory is exciting if nothing else.  In fact that’s exactly what Arakita and Izumida do and each of their farewells is touching to watch.  You really get a feel for what drove these characters to where they are now and why they are so willing to push themselves for this.  The fact that either team could win and I’d be content says a lot for this show in my opinion.  Where the show goes from here, I don’t know but hell, am I excited.
culley711 Pedal to the metal! The first senpai dies. Yowapeda is pushing to the second stage of the race and Onoda’s tender heart will probably break. Determination, teamwork, and sacrifice will undoubtedly be the main focus of this climax, but will “hime hime suki suki daisuki hime hime” ever come back?
hamdog92 I’m a recent convert to sports anime, so I’m probably talking out of my ass when I say Arakita’s senior death was an intense experience that will probably never be matched but fuck it I just typed it. I started watching Yowapeda over a year ago to get this kind of experience and I’m glad it paid off. This is one of the reasons why I prefer shows that extend beyond the two cours. It allows for better pacing and pay off that anime restricted to two cours seem to fumble with.
navycherub .Senior deaths can be hard, but very, VERY rarely are they this intense. Arakita goes out with a bang after practically a whole arc of buildup, and man was it both satisfying and unbelievably sad. It doesn’t even matter that it could have been seen coming from a mile away; in fact, I would argue that the show knew that the viewers would be smart enough to figure it out, so they telegraphed it to build up even more tension over the course of these episodes. I anticipate plenty more senior deaths in the coming episodes, but I doubt any will be as strong as Arakita’s.
loghorizon_7 log+horizon+logo
blackpack kid I called it.  I called it.  I called it.  I called it.  Ever since Tetra’s first appearance I was claiming it was a guy to everyone in this PR and it feels like sweet victory to be so right about my claims.  Anyway, these episodes were pretty solid, or as solid as a normal episode and filler episode can be.  The gigantic raid ended in the only way Log Horizon fans would want it to end, in a debate between Shiroe and the “final boss”.  Carefully thinking everything out and having a plan for every situation is what makes these back and forths interesting to watch.  Watching their names be carved into the wall and for them all to return to normal life was rewarding to watch, and Demikas and his normal life routine was adorable to watch.  The following filler valentine’s episode was subpar, but not bad as far as fillers go.  It was interesting at times and their responses to eating the fruits definitely had some humor in them, and luckily they were able to sprinkle in some progression of the main storyline.  The final scene spells out some interesting things to come with the upcoming episodes, so hopefully it picks up speed.
culley711 Defeating them raid bosses! Valentines day! There was so much good in this block of Log Horizon. We now know Shiroe’s true objective to become MLK and destroy the Jim Crowe laws of Elder Tales. We’re finally getting more plot development on the backstory of the Debauchery Tea Party. And we’re getting glimpses of other servers, which implies that The Apocalypse had a much wider effect. This show has jumped out of the doldrums and I’m eager for what develops next. Now that Shiroe is out of that raid cave and can participate in politics, it’s sure to get more interesting for these Adventurers.
hamdog92 Tetra is a guy….oh am I ever glad that I choose Kaori as my waifu this season. Aside from that, Demikas as a character is very impressive. He’s borderline forgetful in the first season but has gone through so much development in the last episodes of the raid that I can’t help but respect the guy. The Valentine’s Day episode was also fine, further proving that Akatsuki as a cancer can be successfully contained if balanced with the proper supporting cast.
navycherub All right, that was fun. The conclusion to the raid story actually gave way to the kind of logic and world building that makes Log Horizon special to me, specifically dealing with the money issue that Shiroe solves. The Valentine’s Day episode was also cute, giving us lots of cake eating and Serara in an absurd yet adorable coat that can’t be explained in words. So, it basically played to both of Log Horizon’s strengths – small character moments and large world ideas. Good batch.
garo_9 logo_2
blackpack kid Did that just actually happen?  Did the entire show just change on a dime?  I was not expecting that.  I feel like the show took me fore a ride.  The action stays intense and really picks up in the midseason finale.  I feel like the entire show thus far was an experiment in believing in the wrong character.  Nothing feels out of the ordinary that Leon loses and is consumed by evil and Alfonso becomes the new hero.  It felt like something that was a long time coming.  The show continues to do an amazing job of blurring the line between 2D and 3D and everything feels fluid while fighting in a 3D world with 2D backgrounds.  Nothing feels out of place during a fight in Garo and the show profits from it heavily.  I’m really interested to see where it goes from here since they basically destroyed the main character of the show and declared the side character the new MC of the show.  The battle he had was intense and definitely wowed me. The episodes really shined during Alfonso’s fights and I found myself actually jumping out of my seat as he did his power moves.  Will Alfonso be a better pick for MC or will I be clamoring for more Leon?  I don’t know right now but it’s up to the upcoming episodes to decide that for me.
https://wideface.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/10.png?w=54&h=19culley711 We are at the halfway mark and OH THE HYPE! In the words of Harvey Dent, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Are we at that crossroads? With the defeat of the evil mage by the Prince and his claim of the golden armor, how will the future unfold for Léon? I feel like the end of the most recent episode (jumping off a cliff) is a foreshadowing of his decent into evil. Now will he arise like a golden fucking phoenix to retake his armor and vanquish whatever new foes appear? Or will he become that new more formidable foe? Who knows! I like this show.
hamdog92 Garo is an anime that kicks so much. While those who binge watch it later will see past the illusion, those of us who watched while airing will mostly agree that the pacing of the show definitely dictated a single cour and nothing more. Well color me impressed but we get a second cour, a confirmed second season, and a fucking movie. God fucking damn, Leon is definitely going to need all that time to recover from this midseason finale because he got fucking rekted. This is going to be one hell of a second half.
navycherub Garo is so awesome that sometimes I think even Garo doesn’t realize how awesome it is. We got some of the coolest fights yet in these episodes, including one that ended in a midair kick thrusting a sword into the chest of a rampaging Leon, which was just as absurd and exciting as it sounds. The transition of main characters, and Leon’s evolution in general, is also exciting and filled with potential without feeling it came out of thin air, proving once again that the writing in Garo is way better than it has to be. I can’t wait for more.
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blackpack kid I have to say I wasn’t that impressed with the final episodes’ showings.  The baby episode felt sophomoric and boring, channeling feelings I might have for much lower-tier shows.  I was not won over by the episode and the gas felt like cheap throwaways with a story that felt pulled from a bad fanfic site.  It was almost a painful episode to sit through if not for some nicely placed jokes that did seem fitting, but overall I just wanted the episode to be over.  The final episode was another story and was actually pretty touching.  I didn’t catch onto what the show was doing and the episode felt really endearing.  It was much like the maple episode where it felt like a one-shot story episode trying to win me over on its own merits, and it did, but still got lowered due to the failures of its previous episode.  For such a funny and interesting story it was sad to see them cut short on Kohina’s humanization and furthering the story, and instead having them get into silly hijinks for the final episodes but it’s not as if I was surprised by this decision.  It was an alright show with a mediocre ending.
culley711 Kokkuri, kokkuri, why did you go so soon? This show ended as well as a comedy could. Not with any final arc bringing drama and a conclusion, but the usual antics of Kohina et al. I really appreciate the consistency of this show and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the mood for a comedy.
hamdog92 Gugure! Kokkuri-san isn’t Terraformars but that’s ok. Its final episodes were just as absurd as boxing cockroaches. Gugure’s absurdity however, despite its pedophilic tendencies is written a great deal better, particularly the finale with the ghost dad. I was not at all expecting such a serious plot to come out of this anime but I’m glad it happened. In the end I don’t really know how to classify this anime. It appeals to me in many different ways and had episodes that really struck a chord with me, and yet the final segment of the show treats the entire thing like a throwaway experience. Like it was some big joke that I attempted to power rank this anime and talk about with any form of reference or respect. It’s like some kind of physiological abuse that keeps me coming back for more. For better or for worst I hope for another season. But please…..just don’t air on a fucking Sunday.
navycherub There isn’t a lot to say about Kokkuri-san. It is equal parts strange and endearing, with a cast that continues to grow but never entirely surprises, in good ways and bad. There are sweet episodes and funny episodes, but none stick around in my mind for long with the exception of the episode about the girl under the tree which was adorable and memorable. The finale could have used more appearances from side characters, but it mostly got the job done.
Akatsuki no Yona 13(+2) 10 10 11 14 9
Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de 10(-2) 8 9 12 13 13
Terra Formars 14(+1) 13 14 15 10 11
Psycho-Pass 2 12(-2) 8 13 14 12 15
Grisaia no Kaijitsu 15 13 15 13 15 14
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 16 16 16 16 16 16


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