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“A bunch of Scorehero weeaboos made a blog about anime.”

….I like it.

Power Rank?

Wideface’s Power Rank is a ranking of currently airing anime of a given month.

How does PR work?

Participants watch the episodes that air in a given month. At the end of that month, each participant makes their own personal ranking, ordering the shows from best to worst. Each individual ranking is compiled and averaged into the Power Ranking, and the top 10 shows are displayed in the blog post.

Do you rank ALL anime that airs in a given month?

No. First off, only TV series are taken into consideration for PR (no movies, webseries, OVA’s). Secondly, we choose to exclude some shows, mostly if there’s a consensus that some shows are so inherently bad that they have no chance of ever ranking in the top 10.

What are all these numbers?

The big white number in the upper left hand corner is a show’s Power Rank. The “Previous” rank is where a show was ranked last week, and the “High” rank is the highest a show has been on the PR.The number beside an author’s name is that person’s individual ranking for a show.

Can shows tie for the same rank?

Shows tie during the compilation step, but random number generation breaks ties for the final PR.

For more details see Power Rank – Introduction

Fantasy Anime League?

Wideface participates in MyAnimeList’s Fantasy Anime League every season that it runs, and we keep track of our weekly stats using posts here.

For more details see Fantasy Anime League: Wideface Edition (Intro) 


1. Anonynonymous - April 12, 2011

“A bunch of Scorehero weeaboos made a blog about anime.”

There’s your about section.

2. nubbit - February 16, 2015

Dude, no blog post about your panels at Katsucon?

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