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The Nature of Happiness in Owarimonogatari November 13, 2015

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Note: This was originally posted as a response to a conversation in a club on MyAnimeList. It isn’t a traditional review or writeup that I usually post here – it might come across as more messy or unfocused than I would usually like. However, it turned out much longer than I expected it to, so I figured I would post it here for posterity’s sake, though very slightly edited. You can find the original context here if you are interested. Oh, one last thing: spoilers for Owarimonogatari through episode 6 ahead.


Even concerning happiness, after learning some tips, she’s sure to pass me in no time. But happiness isn’t a race. If she passes me, I just need to learn from her in return. That’s how we learn, teach, and take each other to a higher place. Let’s hold a study session. Even though our foolishness is endless, we can become wiser together.

-Koyomi Araragi, Owarimonogatari episode 6