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Dangan Ronpa: Adaptations, Despair, and Hope December 2, 2015

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Note: This post is filled with immediate reactions, speculation, and all other kinds of general brain dumping. It doesn’t contain (big) spoilers, though, because I am more kind than the anime staff it seems. It isn’t even really about Dangan Ronpa as much as it is about video game/visual novel adaptations in general (with Dangan Ronpa as a case study), but eh. Read at your own risk.

A new anime has been announced for the Dangan Ronpa franchise, but it isn’t the adaptation of Goodbye Despair as many of us wished it would be. No, instead, it claims to be, no kidding, the “conclusion of the “Hope’s Peak Academy” series“.

Auctions November 29, 2010

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Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time looking online for new figures to add to my collection, but this has proven to be no small task due to multiple factors. Since I just recently got into collecting figures, a lot of the ones I want (figures from my all-time favorite anime series) have long since been discontinued; they’re either nowhere to be found or on ebay at 100x their retail price. Of course being a college student doing his best (or at least trying) to cut down his spending, this is out of the question. Even if I was obnoxiously rich, I’d be damned if I even considered spending $500+ for a figure.

I’ve been browsing Mandarake a lot lately. Not only do they have used/unused figures that were released a while ago, but they also have decent prices as well. Even so, the really obscure/rare figures only show up once in a blue moon, and those sell pretty fast. Ultimately, I decided that Mandarake wasn’t going to be the place where I’d find what I wanted, though I’ll continue browsing in search of good deals on figures that aren’t exactly on my wish-list but are good enough to where I would not regret having them in my collection. (more…)